Gage Davis Associates, LLC is a specialized consulting firm that provides strategic land planning and development consultation services to domestic and international clients from their studio based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The firm was founded in 1975 and since then has completed an extensive number of significant and noteworthy projects throughout the United States and in 18 countries internationally. In the process, the firm has achieved national recognition in the fields of land planning, urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture.

With the insight gained from that experience and knowledge, GDA advises individuals and companies primarily motivated to create significant “legacy projects.” We recognize the importance for clients to achieve certain development and financial objectives, however, we believe it is equally important that projects respect regional and cultural values, that they are environmentally responsible and are designed to achieve long-term sustainable success.

In contrast with large multi-disciplinary consulting firms that offer a broad spectrum of services, often managed by less experienced personnel, GDA focuses on providing services to clients seeking advice at the Principal level throughout the planning and design process.

When more extensive services are required, we work in collaboration with appropriate professionals uniquely suited to the task and that reflect successful consulting alliances established over many years of professional association. We provide only specific services with areas of specialization necessary for the client that are cost-effective and appropriate for each project.

We continually strive to create projects that are not only financially successful, but also that are socially responsible, environmentally appropriate, sustainable and of timeless value. Ultimately, that is the measure of our success by whatever standard it is measured.